2016 is a blur. A beautiful year full of movement and chaos, unexpectedness and controlled situations. A year filled with scars, love, laughter, tears and so many firsts. My thoughts are a mangled mess as I try to remember everything that happened.

I do however remember at the beginning of the year putting together a binder full of goals, lists, to do’s and jobs. A binder I stuffed away in a corner with good intentions. I (maybe like you) LOVE lists. I love writing down my “to do’s” for the day and find great satisfaction in checking them off one by one. So when I made this binder (I believe it was called 17 goals before 2017!) I had great intentions of checking off my goals one by one and it gave me such joy to even flip through the pages. But I didn’t look at it from February till December, when I uncovered it in a box that had been unopened after we moved (shocking I know. Not unpacking EVERY box as SOON as we moved in. For shame…). When I opened it up and flipped through my color coded thoughts It made me very happy and also kind of sad. I hadn’t done half of what I set out to do. I didn’t start writing a book. I didn’t write “happy mail” to my friends every month. I hadn’t meal planned the way I wanted or decluttered the way I should. I still have 36 dresses(This is a made up number, but 3 years ago when I first got married I counted my dresses I was trying to cram into our tiny new-to-us closet and I had 47. 47 dresses. WHO NEEDS THAT MANY? ugh) in my closet that I don’t wear and I don’t make the bed every day. Or every other day. Needless to say, I can not check off many of those boxes.

So this year I am making one big box to check off instead of 100 little ones.

I have chosen a word for the upcoming year. If you know me on a somewhat deeper level or have read a number of my facebook rants, you know that I believe strongly in the power of words.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. – Proverbs 18:21

One day I’ll probably write a whole post on the power of words and it will be great, but for now, just know that we hold the power of making someone’s day, destroying one’s confidence, being someone’s light or bringing in the darkness… all with the words we speak.

So this year I am speaking LIFE over 2017. I’ve chosen the word PASSION for representing the big box that I’ll check off next December. I will live with passion. I will be passionate. I will have a passion-filled heart, soul, mind and participate in things that bring me joy. I have goals, but they aren’t mandatory. They are things to work towards. Things that will make my life more passionate.  Below is a picture of my brainstorm this morning. I’m sure some things will change, things will move around and new words and goals will appear. But having this as a start is perfect for where I’m at. I intend to grab some paper (some beautiful paper from Soul Paper, here in Saskatoon) and make a giant poster-like word for my wall to remind me all year. Maybe I’ll even rip this out and tack them beside each other.passionate-life-2

If I had to choose a word for 2016 I think it would be Movement. Or Change. And who knows, maybe half way through the year I will find a word that is much more fitting that Passion for 2017 and that’s okay. Because life is constantly changing and moving. As long as it’s changing for the better and moving forward I am okay with whatever comes. If I’ve learned anything this year it’s that God is in control and I am certainly not. Thank goodness.

Maybe you’d like to pick a word for your new year as well! The options are absolutely endless. Below is a list of examples, but feel free to brainstorm for yourself. Find something that fits you and your life. I hope this list helps get you going, though.

Simplify                    Love                  Peaceful            Bliss
Thoughtful              Slow down      Movement        Hunger
Change                      Rest                  YES                     Wait
Patience                    Believe             New                    Listen
I Can                           Stand Up         Thankful           Leap
Adventure                Ease                   Warrior             Boss Lady
Worthy                      Declutter          Present             Let Go

Know that you are loved. You are enough. You are important.
If you ever need someone to pray for you or meet up for coffee (have I mentioned I LOVE coffee? My husband roasts his own and it’s amazing. But that’s a whole other blog post) please don’t hesitate to hit that contact button. I will be your sister in Christ and pray with you through it all.



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