68 Hours of Labor Later… (Part 3- What it has Taught Me)

I had said out loud to friends "I will not have a C-section" 50x. Why? Because when you have PCOS you are more likely to have a c-section. Because I believe in the power of words. Because I wanted to stay positive. Because I was in denial that it could happen to me. Because I was afraid.


68 Hours of Labor Later… (Part 1- The Story)

As Neil changed into the gown, they rolled me down the hallway into the operating room. My whole body shook uncontrollably. I couldn't wrap my mind around what was happening. *I must confess at this point I was also thinking a lot about Grey's anatomy and all the things that could go wrong. If you are heading in for surgery or birth, I don't suggest binge watching it on Netflix for the month leading up to your big day*