This weekend I had the privilege of doing my first ever House Concert! It was an absolute blast. I am so thankful to those who came to share the night with me, my hosts who found out last minute they were hosting (my original host got very sick and had to cancel. SO SAD), and of course my husband who took care of our daughter so I could sing my little heart out for a couple hours.

It was a relaxed evening where everyone was part of the conversation, I told the stories behind my songs, I shared my process of writing and part of my journey through life as well. If you’ve ever thought of hosting a house concert, go for it. I’m not saying it has to be me (although I’d sure love to!) but find a local artist, gather your friends, and enjoy some time getting to know that person and their music on a deeper level. You won’t regret it. 

I ended the night with a few worship tunes, one of which I wrote a few weeks ago. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how this part of the evening would go but felt it was necessary to stay true to who I am called to be. I want everything in my life to point to Christ, for Him to receive the Glory. And it was by far my favorite part of the night. Folks joined in, and together we worshiped our King. What a beautiful moment to live through.

The following morning I led worship at my home Church here in Saskatoon, SK. Getting up was a struggle and I thought “Why today?! I just want to sleep in after last night…”. But once we got to the Church and began to praise our Saviour my attitude changed and I have to say, I think I fell a little more in love with Christ. 

Jesus, we love you, oh how we love you. You are the one our hearts adore!

I am honored that I have been chosen to lead our Church into His presence. It’s my favorite place to be.  What a mighty God we serve! I sang one of my new songs for offering (you can find a facebook version here ) and I just have to say, what a blessing to share with His people, the gifts He has given to me. But what an even bigger blessing to pray through a worship song. The song is called “At your feet”, and the main thought through the song is “Lord, everything I have and everything I am is yours. I want to be where you are, use me for your Glory. I lay it all down at your feet.” I have been singing this at home 1x or 2x a day lately because it truly is my prayer right now.

James 1:22-24 says “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says, Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.”

This has been hitting me hard lately! If you study scripture, get your devotions done for the day, spend time in prayer, have worship music playing while you clean, etc. That’s great! But it’s not enough. Let it change who you are. Let it change what you do, how you speak, how you treat others. We need to give it ALL to Him. Lay it all down at His feet. Life is so much sweeter when we give God everything we’ve got.

At every house concert I ever do, any gig I ever get, and anytime I ever lead worship, I want people to know that without a doubt my life has been changed because of Christ. His death and resurrection have truly changed me and brought me into a new life. I am a new creation because of my LORD! Nothing can beat the love of God.

What a wonderful weekend I had, I hope yours was great too! Now back to the weekly schedule of a full-time Mom. Remember you are loved, sweet reader!



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