Everett’s Birth Story (Part 2)

  I started to feel the urge to push but the second midwife wasn’t at the house yet. Alison had tried to call the other two midwives on her team but neither of them were able to make it there quickly so she called a midwife on the other team who agreed to come right … Continue reading Everett’s Birth Story (Part 2)


Everett’s Birth Story (Part 1)

One of the best notes that I had read was to really take time to enjoy the moments between the contractions. I thought about celebrating their birthday a year from then and how excited I was to plan the party. I thought about seeing their little face and holding them for the first time. I thought about all of the women around the world birthing with me at the same time and how incredible it was to be a part of the circle of life. Although the pain was intense when I was contracting it was just such a beautiful thing to be able to experience.

Zoe Bella Turns ONE (The Party)

The day before Mother's Day we spent the day celebrating in style with friends and family the beautiful life that is Zoe! Grandparents came from 4 different towns across SK and MB, Auntie came from Vancouver, Great Grandma who shares a birthday and turned 92 on Mother's Day even came to celebrate with us. It was a fabulous day I won't soon forget.