I can not believe how fast this year has flown by. Growing up I always heard ‘old’ people (I now realize they were not old AT ALL) talk about how fast time is going and I never understood how time could speed up, but here I am with a one year old and a 14 week old baby in my belly thinking “HOW DO I SLOW THIS DOWN!”.

The day before Mother’s Day we spent the day celebrating in style with friends and family the beautiful life that is Zoe! Grandparents came from 4 different towns across SK and MB, Auntie came from Vancouver, Great Grandma who shares a birthday and turned 92 on Mother’s Day even came to celebrate with us. It was a fabulous day I won’t soon forget.

I made the mistake of going on Pinterest to see what other Mama’s are doing for their one year olds. OH MY GOODNESS THE PRESSURE WAS ON! Pinterest has way too many ideas, well, too many elaborate expensive amazing ideas.  I decided quickly on a Mermaid / Under the Sea theme so I grabbed a couple ideas from Pinterest, came up with a few of my own and with the help of my Mom, Brother and Sister we decorated the house and were ready to go. I wanted to share with you how it went!


We started with a big blue ball from Dollarama (all of $2), cut out some eyes and tapped on those streamers to create this fun octopus looking down at us all!

We had some fun snacks including “Fish and chips” (gold fish and chips), “whales and drift wood” (blue whales and pretzels), and even some “Crabby Crousants” (I think you can guess on that one). We then put gold chocolate dollars for “Treasure” all over the table. It was so fun!

My Mom cut out some Mermaid tales from which we created a beautiful banner to hang over the fire place and we were almost done! My Mom loves all things sea shells and her favorite color is blue. So it was easy to find things around the house to fit the theme.  Have I mentioned the party was at my Mom and step Dad’s house? They are the best. We have all our parties over there, and it’s wonderful.


On the way out the kids got a little treat bag that cost less than $2 a bag (*WIN*) with some bubbles (that were super awesome and you can catch without them popping right away) and a little bath toy squid. I chose not to put candy in the bags because most of Zoe’s friends are her age and can’t quite eat a blue whale yet!


But I think the best part of the party was the Cake. Cake Face, here in Saskatoon did an absolutely AMAZING job once again and blew it out of the water (pun intended). I told her the theme months ago and she swam with it. This cake was stunning and delicious with 2 flavors (chocolate and cookies and cream! YUM). If you are from Saskatoon and ever need some baking done for a party or gathering… I highly recommend Cake Face.

After the party died down and Zoe had a much needed nap, the party continued for the family. We had a delicious BBQ and lots of laughs. Such a good day. This little girl is so very loved.

All in all it was a very family packed, fun filled weekend and Neil and I are extremely happy with how it all went and feel so blessed by our friends and family’s generosity.

I feel like the 1st birthday is a big milestone and needs to be celebrated as such. But I’m already thinking of next year when she turns 2… does it need to be this big/extravagant? I’m saying no right now, but give it some time and I’m sure I’ll be searching Pinterest all over again.


*These Pictures are by Amy Violet Photography (except the octopus picture) whom I also highly recommend! We got some lovely family shots at the party and photos of the kids playing for the parents, she did a fantastic job! If you’d like her contact info, let me know!*


One thought on “Zoe Bella Turns ONE (The Party)

  1. Hey Julia….just wanted to say that you all did an amazing job for Zoe’s first birthday! It was swimmingly beautiful!
    I know a lot of people have different ideas for a child’s birthday…I’ve done my time on Pinterest as well!
    For Mason’s 1st and 2nd birthdays I had family and close friends over for a BBQ. Last year, his 3rd, I let him and his Grandpa Curt (who shares his bday) have a quiet KFC supper…low key and just us four and my Oma.
    This year, next month, his fourth already (!!!!), I am going big. Family and his pre-school mates. Why? Because I’ve realized that from here on out it will be pool parties, mini golf, bowling, movies, then laser tag, go-carting etc….
    Basically, this is the last year in my mind to make it a themed spectacular event to celebrate my boy!
    So whatever you choose to do, for every year of their lives, will be fabulous and special…..you’re a great Mom! Pinterest or not 😉😘


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