Life always has its ups and downs, full of surprises, failures, and adventure. The past few months have been nothing short of all of these things.


At the beginning of June, I had the opportunity to sing at WACK BAM THUDD which was an amazing amount of fun! If you follow me on Social Media you may remember this. It’s essentially a drum recital put on by one of the most talented drummers in all of Saskatoon. He brings out a guest drummer every year and has big give aways for all his students. But the fun part for me was singing with a full band full of amazing local musicians. I am so used to me and my guitar or singing with a worship band that I forget how much fun it is to jam. Special thanks to Brad King for asking me to be a part of things again this year! Below are 2 pictures, on the left is Brad King and on the right is the guest drummer this year, Garrett Goodwin (who has drummed for people like Carrie Underwood and Zoe Girl).

The past few months I have been writing a lot more in general which I love. It feels good to be back at it and creating again like I used to. Even if it’s for my ears only. I’ve been booking a lot of weddings, cocktail hours and even a women’s retreat at the end of September that I am super excited for! As Little Bean continues to grow I can sure feel the changes in my power though. It’s harder to breathe, I can’t move very much or I get out of breath too easily and the volume of my voice changes. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am so thankful that even as I grow this tiny human, I can continue to sing at weddings and lead worship.

That brings me to my other musical adventure. Leading worship. I have told my home church family that I will not be leading this coming year as we adjust to life with two littles. I keep having mixed emotions about this. As you know, leading worship is where my heart is at its joy point. I can’t get enough! So I am curious to see how God uses me in the next year as I step away from this for a season, at least in the way I’m used to, and look forward to leading worship again in the future in many different ways and places!

*Side Note* I have CDs for sale that are $10 each if you’d like a copy of one, give me a shout! Also, I am still booking for weddings, events, fundraisers, retreats, camps etc! I’d love to sing or speak at your next event! I am however NOT available this November/ December.

Lake Life

This past week Neil and I made the long drive out to Big Whitshell Lake in Manitoba. Something that his family has done for countless years, to spend a week with his Dads side of the family. We played a ton of board games, Neil caught 13 fish, we spent time on the beach, rock, and boat and even dipped our toes in the water. Well, Neil actually went water skiing (I shockingly did not) so I guess he got a little more than his toes wet. It’s always good to have a bit of a break from everyday life. We love our lives, but it’s nice to switch things up, spend time with different people and mix up our days.  Even if it does mean a 14 hour car ride home.


Zoe loved every minute of it. Well, that’s not true. She didn’t enjoy when people wouldn’t give her the food she wanted (which wasn’t often…man this kid can eat) and she didn’t like her life jacket AT. ALL. To the point of we would just bring it out and she’d cry. BUT, you do what you gotta do, right mamas? It was so fun to see her interact with the family and make everyone smile. Last year when we made the trip she was only 9 weeks old and just … hung out. This year, she was very curious and excited!

We even took her on her first boat ride (thanks, Uncle Lloyd)! This was one of my biggest highlights of the week. It’s so fun that even after a year, we still have ‘firsts’ with her. I know there are many more to come, but this was a special one. She is just so darling.


We have had our next ultrasound and are excited to say that things are looking GREAT! Baby is a whopping 502 grams, the baby is still in breech position but everything looks healthy. Oh and…

                                                                    IT’S A GIRL!!!

We are so thrilled that Zoe will have a little sister! We are praying for continued health for Baby and Mama, stress levels to decrease in me (oh life…) and a safe delivery come November. I have been having a lot of pelvic pain to which the doctor said there is nothing we can do but put my feet up and try to take it easy (does she know what it’s like to have a 14-month-old? I don’t see how this is possible…) and that the pain will likely get worse as baby grows but there’s not much we can do but take Tylenol and not over do it on a daily basis. So that should be fun!


Other major events?

Did you know I’m an Auntie?!?! My sister in law gave birth to a beautiful little girl at the end of June, a month earlier than they thought! We are happy to report that little Lucy is doing great though and you can read the birth story on Desirea’s blog here! I love the Aunt life, Lucy is just the cutest little ball of love.

I now sell LipSense!  A lot of people have asked why I don’t sell MaryKay anymore but all of a sudden am selling something else, well folks, stay tuned. I am working on a blog post for this topic and will have it up and running live soon! In the meantime, if you don’t know what LipSense is, feel free to join my Facebook group (Just ask me for the details)! I AM OBSESSED. Which is why I’m selling it obviously.

My sister surprised everyone for a weekend and came in to meet Lucy from Vancouver! It was beyond exciting to see her face to face and give her a real hug. It’s always too long in between hugs.

And that’s my life! I love you all and hope you are having a FANTASTIC summer so far, and if not… it’s not too late to change it up! Lots of sun to soak in yet! Know you are loved, cared for and important on this earth. You have a purpose and it’s never too late to explore new things or have some new ‘firsts’. Enjoy your days my friends!



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  1. You should look into pelvic floor physiotherapy. Would help with your pelvic pain! Sharlene Reynolds at Nomad Therapies is fantastic!


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