So you may be saying to yourself, “Didn’t she JUST say she was ‘shutting down’ her social media?” and the answer is yes, yes I did (if you missed it, check out that blog here). So let me tell you all about how I failed but also totally succeeded at doing this the past month, and why I’ve decided to ‘jump in’ with two feet and what that actually means.

April 1st I declared would be a new start for me with less social media. Only using it for things I ‘needed’ like for business or events. I deleted the Facebook app from my phone for all of 1 day, YAY ME! But quickly decided it was way easier to keep it, I just needed to find a balance. While I have failed to stay off of all social media all together, I succeeded at my main goal. Being less distracted by my phone around my kids.


Zoe and I watched WAY less Moana, Armyfails and used Snapchat only a few times to become puppies. We went outside (THANK YOU LORD FOR SPRING), we chased each other around the house with giggles, we watched Malakiya grow, we spent more time reading her books and visited Flynns Forest here in saskatoon for the first time. And it was wonderful.


I was actually on Facebook more than usual, not scrolling my feeds, but selling things on buy and sell pages. I was also on instagram a lot. Not posting a million photos but updating my ‘instastory’ and talking with other moms from canada and the US about babies. So while this means I ‘failed’ at shutting down my social media, I actually still call it a success because I’ve made over $200 from selling stuff we don’t use and I have been encouraged by lots of mom friends, new and old!


As I’ve been sharing our story with Malakiya mostly via Instagram, I have had an unreal amount of women contact me, sharing their stories, encouraging me, and letting me know that they are encouraged by what I’m sharing! Looking back at the timing of things this month, it’s actually kind of amazing. As soon as I said I was going to essentially quit social media, I had the most encouragement I’ve ever had saying to STAY on social media. Keep sharing our story. Keep being real with the world. And If my posts / stories/ photos/ words can help even one person feel less alone in their struggle, than it is WORTH IT for me to keep on keeping on. So here I am. Jumping in!


Well, in all honesty probably not a lot of change that you’ll see. But for me, it means to continue being on my phone as little as possible around my girls, to be in the moment with them as much as possible. But it also means I’m not going to hide either. I will continue to share our struggles and our joys through my insta-story and photos, posts and blogs.  I will continue to be real and honest in every moment of the journey. So feel free to follow along my friends. I have a feeling we are in for quite the ride with these two brilliant girls of ours.

I know this is a short post. But I wanted to update you in where I’m at with my heart. Please feel free to ask me how it’s going, how the girls are, or ANYTHING at ANYTIME. I am an open book friends, we are in this journey together.


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