Hi there!

My name is Julia Dawn, currently 26 yrs old and living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada! I have been playing music since I can remember, but my first album (A Place to Call My Own) came out in 2012 followed by my 2nd album (Julia Dawn) in 2015. I sing at weddings (insert Julia Gulia jokes here), house concerts, open mics, and my absolute favorite, lead worship.

I got married in 2013 to the love of my life, Neil, and we now have 2 beautiful daughters. Zoe Bella and Malakiya Jay.

People often ask “When is your maternity leave done? When will you be heading back to work?” and I am thrilled and blessed to be able to respond with… “well… I actually quit. It’s the Mom Life for me!”! We are so thankful that for now, I am able to stay home and love up our daughters full time.  It’s the best.

However, sometimes it drives me crazy! I am a creative person. I need to be working toward something, planning something, creating something. I need to have a goal in sight otherwise, I feel like I am fading away.  So here’s a blog. I am writing new songs and creating new dreams. Thanks for being a part of the journey! I hope you stick around to see what comes next!

IG: JuliaDawnOfficial
FB: facebook.com/juliadawnmusic