30 pictures in 30 days

Today I am reminded to live in light of eternity. Not for today. Be kind to one another friends, we are here for just a moment. May God shower you with His peace this season.


A New Normal

Our new normal looks a whole lot different than our 3 weeks ago normal. But honestly, it's the best normal we've ever known.  Thank you Lord for this glorious gift. 

Do’s and Don’ts When Talking To Pregnant Women and What You Should Say Instead

As people commented on my FB and IG posts things that have been said to them, my heart sank for a lot of these women. Pregnancy is an incredible time in your life. Some people love it, and others really don't. Adopting is a hard process and so rewarding. Fostering takes your whole heart and soul and strength.  PLEASE, friends, be careful what you say to us new moms of all kinds! 

Zoe Bella Turns ONE (The Party)

The day before Mother's Day we spent the day celebrating in style with friends and family the beautiful life that is Zoe! Grandparents came from 4 different towns across SK and MB, Auntie came from Vancouver, Great Grandma who shares a birthday and turned 92 on Mother's Day even came to celebrate with us. It was a fabulous day I won't soon forget.